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Prolia Panel 600/600 ULTRASLIM

led, fabricant LED, ampoule et éclairage ecologique

Product description

Prolia Panel 600/600 Ultraslim is a premium product designed for offices, hotels, restaurants, sports clubs, and other luxury venues.


Its extra flat and aluminum structure will ensure homogeneous and comfortable lighting.

Saves installation of starter
Adapts to existing installation
Lights up instantly
Reduced maintenance
60% saving on electricity bills

Dimensional drawing

led, fabricant LED, ampoule et éclairage ecologique


  • Industrial areas
  • Health areas
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Large indoor areas
  • Offices
  • Stores


Reference Designation Power Color Temperature Dimension Voltage Viewing angle Lumens
PAN 036 335 02 Prolia panel 600/600 36 w 4 000K 600x600x33 mm 24VDC 120° 2782