Subway stations in a new light

Subway stations in a new light

By 2017, all metro stations and stations operated by RATP will be illuminated by LED. With a very positive impact on the environment.

RATP has launched a European tender for the replacement of the bright spots of its metro and RER stations by LED lighting (English Light-Emitting Diode) . This light , which has many advantages - particularly in terms of environmental protection - will be rolled out over four years. Work will begin as early as January 2013.

Such a replacement can not be improvised , the figures are also there to confirm : these are indeed 250,000 lighting points that fit the 301 metro and RER stations 66 .

From experimentation to implementation

After starting experimenting with LED lighting to Censier Daubenton station on subway line 7 and the seat of RATP Group in 2010 , the company has tested this technology in the field. Thus, new metro stations ( Sèvres Babylone , Pyrenees, Jordan , Belleville , Arts and Crafts , Bercy, Maisons- Alfort -les- Juilliottes , Gare Montparnasse , Château de Vincennes ), three RER stations (Orsay City, Gentilly, Chessy - Marne -la- Vallée) and the industrial site of Boissy -Saint -Léger are partially lit with LEDs . In addition, the RER station Val d' Europe and the industrial site of Saint- Denis are fully equipped with this technology.

To date, the feedback has been very positive . The results measured at Censier Daubenton station show energy savings for lighting by 65% post or avoided emissions of 15 tons CO2 equivalent per year . An independent quality survey indicates that 92 % of travelers have not seen any impact or change the lighting quality of this station. Other results at the company's headquarters , where for two years only seven LED tubes have been replaced a total of 3000 installed.

Change the traditional light sources with LED high efficiency result in the reduction of more than 50% of the energy consumption for lighting metro and RER networks and reduce emissions of all greenhouse gas emissions associates. Pioneer in experimenting with LED lighting , RATP will be with the deployment of the first network of underground transit this size fully equipped with LED technology in 2017.