Nearly 30 million lamps recycled in 2011

Nearly 30 million lamps recycled in 2011

Lamp recycling seems to be a gradual part of the French’s daily actions. This is evidenced by the latest assessment published by the eco-organization, Recylum, which is in charge of lamp collection and recycling.

Hence, almost 4.040 tonnes of lamps (approximately 30 million lamps) have been recycled, an increase of 11% compared to 2010. Lamp collection in large scale distribution has even increased by 46% compared to 2010. In a statement, Recylum has highlighted: “This collection rate ranks France among the leading European group in lamp collection. Overall, there are 21.000 collection points, including 14.000 retail outlets (hypermarkets and supermarkets/ food and DIY shops).

Communication companies being supported

Throughout 2011, Recylum established quite a lot of information devices, like advertising campaign and event installations, meant to support its actions. The eco-organization has also positioned itself in the grounds around, particularly through partnerships, which have developed with the NGO as “France Nature Environment” or “Les Connexions”, to reach out the consumers either at points of sales or in mass public events (more than 1.400 animated dates were added up in 2011)  

To conclude, 56% of French people have stated that they brought their lamps to waste collection centers or to stores in 2011, among them 72% have declared that they located the nearest lamp collection point, compared to 50% in 2010.