Technologie à LED

Flexibility and reliability: many advantages

LED (Light Emitting Device) lamps are semi-conductor components that emit light when electrical current passes through them.

LED bulbs were used only in public or military areas for a long time. Technological progression now allows their use as a light source outside and for household lighting.

Extend the lighting’s range, while reducing your consumption

Thaleos is committed to sustainability. Its products optimally meet the needs of reducing energy consumption and reducing greenhouse gases. Thaleos recycles the old light bulbs. 


LEDs have a light inertia that is close to nil. This means that they turn on and off very rapidly, and we don’t notice a difference in the lighting. As soon as it is turned on, LED lighting allows 100% brightness. This gives immediate comfort and security. At the end of its life, an LED light bulb doesn’t suddenly go out; its intensity progressively lowers.

ULTRA-RESISTANT (shocks, accidents, vibrations)

The lifetime of LEDs, estimated at 35,000 hours, is much longer than that of incandescent or fluorescent lights. It is not influenced by the number of times it is turned on. With 25 to 50 times fewer replacements, LEDs require less maintenance, which limits the number of interventions required after a site is completed; notably in areas that are difficult to access. Thaleos supplies public streetlights, for example, allowing communities to reduce costs related to lighting maintenance. LED light bulbs are also very resistant, allowing them to better withstand shocks, accidents, and vibrations.


Jusqu’à 80 % d’économies d’énergie ! S'il n'était qu'un argument en faveur des LED, ce serait celui-ci ! En effet, pour un même rendement lumineux, la technologie LED permet une importante réduction de la consommation d'énergie au regard de celle d'un spot incandescent. Certes, le prix à l'achat des LED reste pour le moment encore plus élevé que celui des autres ampoules, mais le retour sur investissement est très rapide. Les LED performantes émettent quatre fois moins de chaleur que les autres ampoules ce qui a pour avantage de ne laisser aucune trace noire sur les plafonds, mais surtout de diminuer les dépenses liées à la climatisation.


Up to 80% energy savings ! If there was only one argument in favor of LEDs, this would be it! For the same lighting intensity, LED technology allows an important reduction of energy consumption as compared with an incandescent spot light. Certainly, the purchase price of LEDs is still two to four times higher than other light bulbs of the same intensity, but the return on your investment is very quick.
High-performing LEDs emit four times less heat than other bulbs, which has the advantage of not leaving black spots on ceilings, and more importantly, reducing spending due to air conditioning.


Since the end of 2012, incandescent light bulbs may no longer be sold in the European Union. This prohibition is a first step in a process that will remove other high energy consumption lamps and devices in the EU by the end of 2017. That is why 80% of light sources must come from LED technology before 2020. 

LED lighting allows you to reduce spending and preserve the environment, but also to create an atmosphere that matches your expectations, whether you are in a public, professional, or personal space.  Through its expertise, advice, and large range of lighting solutions, Thaleos makes your projects reality.