Technologie à LED

High technology product lines

LED technology creates exceptional lighting atmospheres while consuming up to eight times less energy than traditional lighting. Every brand registered and imagined by Thaleos was designed to meet various professional needs, and is the object of a separate patent. 

FIRSTLED® is the “General Public” product line, accessible to all users, in any industry. Economic and ecological, its very long life span is perfect for small shops or households. 

AURALED® is the lighting solution that is most adapted to product showcases or storefronts, respecting the specific technical requirements of commercial areas. This line is perfect for clothing or jewelry stores. With a life span of more than eight* years and low heat production, it reduces the use of air conditioning for real energy savings.

PRIMALED® is the perfect line for lighting aisles or shopping centers and meeting legal obligations relating to buildings used by the public.
Meeting all the current norms, this line consumes little energy while offering a high-quality, warm lighting. This line is ideal for lighting food product aisles. In the management of outdoor passages or building entryways, lighting and its maintenance is often a large expenditure.

PROLIALED® allows lights to be repeatedly turned on and off, and a high resistance to external climactic conditions, while creating a nice atmosphere. Its exceptional life span (35,000 hours) makes it a reliable ally.

SIGMALED® is the best adapted to community and public buildings that seek economic and safe solutions, while enhancing the property, often in large areas. This line includes a service offer with a technical diagnostic and specific planning of the lighting, for personalized assistance. 

ACCESSLED® includes all the necessary accessories for the proper operation of Thaleos LED lighting products. This includes frameworks, drivers, DMX controllers, etc.