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Sigma street light 196 W

led, fabricant LED, ampoule et éclairage ecologique

Product description

Sigma Street Light 196W replaces existing lamppost heads.


Reduction of maintenance tasks is particularly appreciated when it comes to specific constraints such as public lighting.


Robust and reliable, Sigma Street Light 196W is a good value product providing quick return on investment.

Standard adaptation to existing masts
Resistant to shocks and vibrations
No blinding or ultraviolet
Photovoltaic panels can be installed

Dimensional drawing

led, fabricant LED, ampoule et éclairage ecologique


  • Outdoor areas


Reference Designation Power Color Temperature Ingress protection Voltage CRI Viewing angle Lumens
STREET 196 403 03 Sigma street light 196W 196 W 5 000K IP 66 AC 90 - 260 V 70 135° 18 816