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Prolia Pave 600 4xT8 8W

led, fabricant LED, ampoule et éclairage ecologique

Product description

Thaleos Prolia Pave 600 accurately replaces the former railings of standard neon. It is equipped with 4 Prolia Tube 600 mm in 8W.


Prolia Pave 600 is particularly appreciated in the tertiary sector, offices and schools, etc.

Saving the purchase of equipment, no more ballast or starter is needed.
Visual comfort: neither glittering, nor blinking
It is vibration-resistant thanks to its brushed aluminum alloy armature
Instant ignition

Dimensional drawing

led, fabricant LED, ampoule et éclairage ecologique


  • Industrial areas
  • Health areas
  • Large indoor areas
  • Offices
  • Stores


Reference Designation Power Color Temperature Socket Dimension Voltage Viewing angle model Lumens
PAV 008 364 02 prolia pavé 600 4x8 w = 32 w 4 000K T 8 600x600x80 AC110-240V 160° Opale 700x4 = 2800