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Access Dimmer panel dimswitch

led, fabricant LED, ampoule et éclairage ecologique

Product description

The Access Dimmer panel Dimswitch 36W, which is dimmer, allows checking the luminous intensity of Prolia Panel Ulstraslim 36W. It allows connecting simultaneously up to 20 panels with a three-meter distance between each.


For the functioning: put a finger on the surface of the circle, the counterclockwise direction will increase the brightness and the clockwise direction will reduce it.

Compatible Prolia Panel Ultraslim 36W (réf. PAN 036 335 02)
Variation with a touch sensitive device

Dimensional drawing

led, fabricant LED, ampoule et éclairage ecologique



Reference Designation Distance Dimension Connection Voltage
DIM 228 036 Acess dimmer panel dimswitch 36W 3 mètres 86x8x47mm 20 panels DC 24V