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Access AR111 Fixture x1

led, fabricant LED, ampoule et éclairage ecologique

Product description

The Thaleos Access AR111 Fixture x1 allows receiving 1 AR111, while remaining beautiful, light and discreet. It is usually used to highlight an article in a window shop.

It is strong and developing in two colors: black and white.

It is notably compatible with the Thaleos AR111

Uncluttered and simple
It is possible to direct the spot to optimize the bright projection on a
predefi ned zone.
Obtain an indirect lighting, for a greater visual comfort

Dimensional drawing

led, fabricant LED, ampoule et éclairage ecologique


  • Outdoor areas
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Large indoor areas
  • Offices
  • Stores


Reference Designation Ingress protection Rotable Dimension Recessed diameter Spot compatibility Color
FIX 111 01 Fixture AR111 IP 20 Oui 191x191x118 169x165 Aura AR111 Blan ou noir