The key factors of Thaleos’s success :

Careful and attentive selection of electronic components

Processes of the highest quality, from manufacturing to distribution

"Factory direct” prices that beat all the competition

Quick and dependable product delivery

This quality approach begins with the reliability of the components used to make the LEDs, which are among the highest-performing. That is why Thaleos only works with the best professionals in the industry, like Nichia, Cree, or Bridgelux, in order to offer the best microchips, optical components, or the most resistant ceramics. 

Creativity and attention

The technical sophistication, the quality process, and the constant verification of their application are guarantees of success. Thaleos offers a large choice of products, a real ever-expanding catalog that meets the users’ true expectations, and that is adapted to particular needs. We have listened to users and created the four Thaleos product lines, made up of spot lights, built-in devices, ceramic LEDs, projectors, and light bulbs. 

A selection of renowned suppliers

In order to offer you the best LEDs on the market, Thaleos selects its components from the leading players in the lighting industry. For example, the LED microchips we use, made by Nichia, are the highest performing in the world. We also count Cree and Bridgelux among our suppliers…. With the most recent material and real professionalism, our collaborators are the most reliable on the market.