Our commitments

Respecting the environment

Our first commitment at Thaleos: Providing equipment that perfectly respects all the current norms and certifications. The LEDs are certified and meet the ROHs, RoHS 2002/95/CE directives and European and international laws like the EC/EN 62471 norm about the risks of electromagnetic radiation to eyes and skin. 

LEDs emit two times less CO2 than classic lights, don’t contain gas, mercury, or lead, and don’t produce ultraviolet or infrared radiation. The very low ecological impact of the products designed and sold by Thaleos attests to how important sustainability is to us, with 100% recyclable LEDs.

Economy and performance

Thaleos is committed to helping save energy in order to reduce everyone’s consumption: Thaleos lighting uses 80% less energy than a traditional halogen spot light, and requires replacement 10 times less often than classic lighting.
Shock-resistant and weather-resistant, designed for intensive use, they are completely bright as soon as you turn them on.