More than just a professional, Thaleos is an expert and eco-responsible partner.


Professionalism: designing professional lighting solutions.

Expertise: complete mastery of LED technology, in its technical perfection and the quality of its light.

Ambition: to promote reliable, economical, and environmentally friendly energy use. 

Since its creation, Thaleos has designed and developed one of the most professional and complete lighting offers on the market, with a range of more than 80 products designed to be adapted to existing installations, or for creating new lighting projects.

The technical sophistication of Thaleos creations allows us to meet all kinds of professional needs, whether it’s a question of lighting small areas or large volumes, indoors or outdoors. Thaleos creates shops’ lighting designs, optimizes sales areas’ lighting by showing off the products on display, perfects the security of lighting installations in industrial spaces, and beautifies nocturnal lighting of cities and natural areas, in all climactic conditions.

Desire for innovation and quest for performance

Thaleos places the utmost importance on innovation and performance through its Research and Development department. About twenty engineers work at reducing energy consumption while maintaining the lighting’s high quality.

The quality of the components selected and the requirements of the Thaleos teams have allowed the production of light sources and LED light fixtures with revolutionary longevity while offering ingeniously designed light bulbs which can be used with existing lighting systems.